RDO Equipment Success Story

The Customer

RDO Equipment Co. Opens new site is an equipment dealer network that’s been in business for 50 years. They own and operate more than 75 dealerships in 10 states, focusing on equipment for agriculture, construction, environment, tree care, underground, machine control, and irrigation by working with major manufacturers like John Deere, Vermeer, Wirtgen and Topcon.

The Challenge

Tracking assets and inventory on a regular basis is an important focus for the company, but according to Chris Anderson, RDO Equipment Co. team member at one of the company’s largest stores in Moorhead, MN, their process was “…outdated and extremely time consuming.

The Moorhead team was hoping to find a solution that would allow team members to scan inventory using technology, rather than rely on a manual, outdated paper system.

The Socket Mobile Solution

After a trial period, the team determined that the DuraScan D750 Bluetooth barcode scanner met their needs perfectly. Now, with their barcode inventory process fully developed, RDO Equipment Co. is planning to put a Socket Mobile scanner in more store locations across the country. Socket Mobile’s DuraScan is proving to be the solution to significant inventory headaches.

The Results 

“The biggest benefit will be the amount of time it will save us on the ground,” said Chris.

Every store has different types of inventory spread out over an area of many acres. Depending on the size of the store, an inventory audit can take multiple days to count manually. By using the DuraScan, they’re completing counts 4 to 5 times faster than with the old methods.

Going electronic also helps RDO Equipment Co. deal with weather complications. Wind, rain, and snow make inventory counts difficult when team members use paper. Socket Mobile’s DuraScan holds up much better in variable weather conditions and outperforms paper processes.  Also, using a scanner reduces the number of mistakes associated with inventory counting.

Socket Mobile DuraScan has demonstrated to be a vast help to RDO Equipment Co. in helping manage the dealership’s challenging inventory.

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