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Simplify Your Development Cycle

Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK simplifies the app development experience compared to other barcode scanning solutions. A single integration grants complete access to all our data capture solutions, enabling seamless support for all customer requirements without frequent app updates.


Traditional App Development Cycle

App development for barcode scanning and NFC reading typically involves multiple phases that often lead to a prolonged and complex process and go to market timelines for your apps.

  • Phase 1 - The app is developed and deployed, usually with free, basic camera scanning capabilities.
  • Phase 2 - Developers find that users have diverse data capture needs, some requiring more advanced solutions beyond basic camera scanning. The app undergoes multiple improvement cycles wherein data capture is upgraded with one or more SDKs needed to support needed capabilities.

image - traditional app develoment

CaptureSDK App Development Cycle

Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK acts as an insurance policy for your business, ensuring your app users have access to basic and pro camera scanning along with an assortment of physical data readers. Because CaptureSDK works with all Socket Mobile data readers, whatever solution users choose throughout their data capture journey will work seamlessly with your app. With only a single SDK implementation, you provide access to every level of data reading while shortening and simplifying your overall development cycle.

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Free Data Capture Testing, Effortless Implementation

With CaptureSDK, you can test data capture within your app without the need to purchase a physical scanner. Using our integrated and FREE SocketCam C820 camera scanner, you can instantly assess your app's data capture implementation.

CaptureSDK is easy to integrate and completely free with a developer license. Once integrated, it delivers unmatched performance and a smooth development experience.

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