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Integrate CaptureSDK into Your Application

Unlock endless opportunities with your app. Integrating Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK with SocketCam enables seamless, consistent data capture performance across diverse scanning requirements.

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One Integration for All Socket Mobile Data Readers

A one-time integration of CaptureSDK into your app provides access to free camera scanning, enhanced software scanning, and our entire portfolio of dedicated hardware scanners. Getting started is quick and easy, thanks to a straightforward registration and activation process that grants you the tools needed to integrate our CaptureSDK into your application.

Simple Registration

Registration takes only a few simple steps. You will then be emailed a link to complete your activation. (A one-time Developer Community Membership fee is required.)

Note: Developer activation is per company and for life. If anyone with your company email domain is already registered and activated, you will automatically be added to the company account upon your registration

Not yet registered? Sign up here Opens Worldwide Website

Start Scanning for FREE with This Step-by-Step Guide

Once registered, follow this detailed guide to seamlessly incorporate CaptureSDK into your application and start scanning for free today.

Obtain and manage your AppKey Opens New Window. An appkey is required to integrate the SDK from your developer account.

To utilize our iOS-exclusive sample apps from Socket Mobile's GitHub repository, developers must register and obtain an App Key for the examples to function in their environment. The AppKey is generated once and has no expiration.

Note: Internet connectivity is NOT required to use CaptureSDK.

Additional reading:

Stock Count serves as your ideal sample application for testing SocketCam's camera-based scanning capabilities. While installing Stock Count is not mandatory, it can be used as a demo application to explore SocketCam's features.

Install the Socket Mobile Companion app on the targeted device. The Companion app enables you to configure the scanner into the faster and more accurate App Mode, so it can be controlled by other apps.

Downloading Companion is required for the following:

  • Android Devices: Accessing CaptureSDK, SocketCam C820 & C860
  • iOS Devices: Facilitating the SocketCam C860 upgrade choice for users

Note: Companion is required on both platforms in order to purchase a C860 license.

Follow the samples to integrate the SDK into your app and enable SocketCam. SocketCam will be your first tool to use for testing your integration.

Click here to find SocketCam support status Opens New Window

To use SocketCam to test your app, you must include a software-based trigger button in your app. Once implemented, no additional code is required to integrate any other physical scanner from Socket Mobile, as long as you connect the scanner to your device in App mode.

See sample code Opens New Window

In addition to using SocketCam, if you're interested in testing your app with one of our hardware scanners, we provide a 25% developer discount on all our data readers.

For iOS Apps:

  • Before publishing your app on the App Store, you must apply for Apple's MFi program. We offer free assistance with the submission process.
  • Our CaptureSDK requires permissions for Bluetooth and Camera access.

Android Apps:

  • No additional steps are required to publish your app.

We do not collect or store any user information through the SDK. If you need references for your app's privacy manifest, please refer to our SDK privacy statement.

If you encounter any issues or questions during the process, our Developer Support team is ready to assist.

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